Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rib Burn Off

So after it quit pouring down rain long enough to load up the car Saturday night, we took a lovely drive down through Trumbull County to the Mahoning Valley Rib Burn Off in Niles, Ohio. Lots of tasty food and interesting people watching. And I do mean it was interesting. That's all I'm saying. After this beautiful sunset...

We were treated to the awesome music of Blue Öyster Cult - the true purpose for the excursion!

The whole band above, and Eric Bloom with Rudy Zarzo below. Buck Dharma seems to have avoided my close-up shots... but he sure can play guitar! I'm quite amazed any of these came out since I basically just stuck the camera up and clicked.

Listen closely... Can you hear them? Godzilla... (Don't Fear) The Reaper... Burnin' For You... We were also treated to a rarity: Then Came The Last Days of May. The Husband was very pleased. Strangely, no E.T.I. though...

Okay - my real reason for going was the funnel cakes. After a few yummy bites I handed mine to the husband and it was never seen again. MEN! But then again, he did use his manly skills to win me this awesome lion at the water gun race on the midway, so I forgave him... By the way - the lion told me his name is Leo. Leo Tolstoy to be exact. Welcome to the crazy family Leo.

...all in all a pretty good night!

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Anita Kurtz said...

Awesome sky - sounds like a GREAT night!!!