Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hip to be Square

Yep, I'm still creating here too. Another set of pages from the Caspiana Soul Journal Project! We were sent on a scavenger hunt for images on a list. Then were tasked to cut them into small squares and to arrange them on our prepared pages. You really begin to look at things more closely and see new possibilities when you embark on a project like this. I found the images that were requested... and then found a few more I couldn't resist! I actually kept a few large images pulled from magazines as well for future use. No magazine will be safe in my hands from this day forward! This project has really nurtured a lack of respect toward the fruits of the book binding industry...

After we glued down our images, Sarah wanted us to add a color wash, but I had so much fun making circles with my metallic paints on the background I couldn't do it. So I used my new favorite thing, which is my white gel pen, to emphasize them more. We were to highlight some images and label others.

She had us find an "a", "t", and "r" and after I realized they probably didn't spell rat as had first pinged into my brain, I placed in order to spell art. It was interesting to see comments from some other folks playing along who thought they had somehow been less creative by putting them in order. The way I look at, I'm lucky anytime I spell a word correctly without my spell check!

I also laughed when I realized that I was not the only one who created a template to help myself visually crop the images.... Great minds think alike and tool development is a sign of high brain function!


Anita Kurtz said...

Very cool project! So far beyond my scope, lol!

Laume said...

I am chuckling (very quietly, as hubby is still sleeping beside me while I'm hanging out with my laptop), because I thought "RAT" too. In fact I didn't realize they spelled "ART" until you spelled it out for me! LOL! Or rather, LVQ (Laugh Very Quietly)
The circles are nice, I think they work really well.