Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Story of Miss Onion, Casey, and Cliff

The most wonderful thing happened at the Indian's game last Monday night.


My favorite part of the Indian's games is the top of the fifth inning when the Sugardale Hot Dog Race is run. Ketchup (The Sneaky Cheater), Mustard (The All American Boy Hearthrob), and Miss Onion (All Around Lovely Girl and Stellar Athlete) race to the finish. I had hoped that Onion would win the race, but it was not to be. She is one of my role models after all. Ketchup won again - after cheating again! He knocked down Mustard in the turn around home plate. Mustard beat him up at the end... not quite as good as when Sargent Slaughter clotheslined Ketchup earlier in the season but it made it worth the loss! I do not normally condone violence, but seriously someone needs to take that hot dog down!

I got lucky too, because the husband had a coupon burning a hole in his pocket for 20% off at the team shop so I got my very own official Indians T-shirt! I may be turing into a real, live fan. I think this was our fifth game this year? Always a great time! Especially now that we're winning again - even though we calculated that they've won every game we've attended. Way to go boys!

And who wasn't there? Mr. Casey Blake. Just when I finally pick a favorite player...

Sigh... Scarecrow, I'll miss you most of all! They'd better appreciate you in L.A. Please try to get him back soon Mr. Shapiro. Really. Sitting on the third base line just isn't the same.

OH YEAH...and Cliff Lee made history by winning 20 games in a season. First time since 1974 when Gaylord Perry did it last for the Indians. What an awesome feat. He is one of only 8 players to do it within 22 starts. Just kidding ya Cliff - your potential win was the reason we bought the tickets in the first place. Making history couldn't have happened to a better guy. Keep that record climbing sir! Way to go Cliff!

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