Monday, September 8, 2008

100 Reasons

Seems quite amazing to me that I have hit 100 posts! At our house, adding a digit is a big deal. When Ian turned ten, he got a trip to Walt Disney World. After all, you are in double digits a long time! So triple digits seems pretty cool!

I thought and thought about how to best mark the occasion of my One Hundredth Post here at Finer Than Frog Hair. As usual, the Universe tends to present me things as needed.

Got an email from my friend Edwina stating that she would appreciate donations for a "Whisker Walk" she is participating in toward the end of the month near her home. The monies would go to the Lakeland Animal Welfare Society. Their mission is to:

  • Provide temporary care for stray, abandoned and unwanted animals.
  • Own and operate a rescue vehicle to pick up stray pets from municipal holding areas and private citizens.
  • Respond to injured animal emergencies 24 hours a day.
  • Employ a humane Officer to investigate cruelty and abuse complaints.
  • Maintain records on lost and found pets.
  • Have available humane live traps for animals requiring capture.
  • Seek good homes for pet adoptions.
  • Provide a resource library.
The Lakeland Animal Welfare Society owns and operates The Lakeland Animal Shelter.

What a great opportunity to mark my milestone as well as remembering the little black kitten the husband and I tried to rescue last spring and my baby girl Alice. I'm sure Alice's brother Geezer appreciates the gesture too. One dollar for each post I've made seems a bargain. Far cheaper than therapy!

Want to help me celebrate? Pop over HERE to her donation page and help out. I am certain that donations of any size would be appreciated. If that doesn't work for you right now - do a kindness of your own creation.

Imagine if she got one hundred donations or how 100 acts of kindness could change the world!

Either way - thanks for hanging out here with me!

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