Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Soul Armor

The next assignment from Sarah was to prepare our soul armor... what we might need on our quest of self exploration. This guidance was on days three, four, and five. Again, I didn't journal under my gesso. I didn't like the idea of covering it up, so I'm saving my thoughts for a page where I can share them. I love these warm powerful colors. To heck with pink being wussy, girly! Oh, and glitter is always a swell choice.

I came up with a list of obstacles I tend to run into on a semi-regular basis and then determined what would best diffuse them. Voila: my shield!

I've been using my Latin ~ English text as collage material and sought out pages that seemed relevant. Found ones containing "armatur" and "identidem"... not exactly right... but kinda fun!

Sarah had offered us a source for armor art and medieval costumes and I found an image I liked.

...a lady must always have great shoes (featuring fashion and function),

...and the appropriate hat.

Not to mention that gloves are always a sophisticated touch (and hide finger prints - just saying)! Now where did I leave my pearls...?