Monday, February 11, 2008

Artificial Trees

You know those small trees one can purchase to decorate with at Christmas time? They are deeply colored evergreens, perfect cones. At the tips of the branches there are clumps of white representing snow. Meant to round out your perfect holiday diorama. I had always thought that they looked so horribly fake until today. While driving home from work through the park, I noticed that every tree and bush was decorated that way: small, odd, rounded, clumps of snow. It was truly remarkable. I would have liked to stop and take a picture to share, but everyone was rushing home before the next 8 inches falls tonight.... I hope you are all safe and warm and dry where you are. Perhaps Jack Frost and Snip the Snowflake Maker will provide me some material for photos tomorrow! Did you catch the Rankin and Bass production of Jack Frost this holiday season? Love those guys! I could use a little Heat Miser right now - How about you?

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