Sunday, February 3, 2008

Small Is Beautiful

I only started blogging within the last year. I have found so many wonderful sites to visit, heard so many wonderful new voices. I have no intentions of celebrity through my posts, no plans for acquiring a fortune - at least not a monetary one that I can deposit into a bank. I only hope that I make you smile or make you think when you read my words. When I finally begin to post my art journal - I'd be grateful if you said it was nice. If you tell your friends to look for me because you think what I say is worthwhile, I'll be ecstatic. I recently came across a symbol, and I believe that it was on Carmen's Blog that I saw it first. (I get all the cool stuff from there!) When I clicked on it, I came to Magpie Girl's Site and found the Small Is Beautiful Manifesto. I knew immediately that I wanted to join this community. Or this revolution as she calls it! Here is what is said:

The Small Is Beautiful Manifesto

**** The Small is Beautiful Manifesto We believe stories are valuable, no matter how many people read them. We believe following your passion is more important that watching your site meter. We believe in the handmade, the first try, the small start, and the good effort. We believe that small is beautiful. ****
Although I must add, I've seen no small hearts in this community so far. I feel blessed to have found it and proudly display the banner on my sidebar. I encourage you to visit the other sites on the roll there.
~ and thanks for stopping in here!

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