Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wishes For My Sisters

Aren't we just the coolest? Gotta love those matching outfits made by mom - I've got a million of them! This post is in honor of my sisters who both had birthdays this week! To the left is the oldest of us, Diana Jean. She was born February 15th, fifty years ago. In the middle is Deborah Kay, born just 363 days later on February 13th. Then Constance Lee (me!), the littlest sister, born August 8th six years later. Funny story there! As we gathered for Diana's surprise party Friday night in Toledo, Ohio, mom shared her favorite story about our births... First came Diana. The hospital visit was unremarkable and all went well. As mentioned above, Deb came just short of a year later at the same hospital. When mom heard the room they were putting her in, still groggy from the anethesia she said, "Great! that's the one I had last year!" Flash forward to 1965 when I was born: you guessed it! Same hospital, same room again! The following day, the nurses came in to tell my parents that next time, if they wanted to have a boy, they should call ahead and they'd place her in a different room! Because of the proximity to Valentine's Day, the three days would turn into a bit of a festival around our house. The photo at the bottom of the picture above was actually in the local paper celebrating the event. Even though they are the ones with the birthdays, I thought as I gathered with them, it is I that have received the gift. My sisters are the greatest. We are all very different, but love each other very much. They have both been there for me when ever I have needed them, and I hope that they woukd say the same about me. At times when we were younger, we fought like siblings will, but no one better try to get past me to one of them! So raise a glass and toast to my sisters! Cheers to fifty more years!


Maggie R said...

Aren't you lucky to have sisters . I grew up by myself, so I have adopted a couple of girlfriends as my sisters!! LOL
Seeing you in matching dresses reminded me of my 2 girls. I use to dress them alike . It looked so cute, but the younger one always fell heir to the hand-me-downs and in later years I was reminded of this.. VBG
in snowy, Southern Ontario, Canada

Faerie Mom said...

I always wanted a sister. I grew up with 2 older brothers! My moms bday was 2/14 and my dd had her 14th on 2/17. Happy late bday to both of your sisters!