Monday, February 18, 2008

Love - Hate Relationship

On the one hand, I love the bus station. When my son comes to visit, I pick him up right there under that big beautiful sign. On the other hand, I also have to drop him back off there and he gets on the sleek, grey bus and rides away from me. Upon closer reflection, I have a conflicted relationship with many things I suppose: ♥ chocolate ♥ butter ♥ direct sunlight ♥ being a grown-up ♥ incredibly loud rock & roll music ♥ beer ♥ blogging ♥ driving really, really fast ♥ spending money ♥ using my beautiful handmade and patterned papers Why do all the good things have a down side? I want to keep my cake and eat it too!


Faerie Mom said...

Ha! I totally get the conflicted relationship thing. I am the sam eway with... chocolate, butter, ice cream, anything fried. And those are just the foods!

Susie said...

Lol. I can relate to the patterned papers....I am dying to use them, but at the same time feeling its a sin to cut into them!

Latharia said...

LOL. I guess we've gotta have up and DOWN sides to things or we'd never know when to stop! :D