Sunday, February 17, 2008


Had a delightful day today as I went downtown to Cleveland's State Theater to see Wicked!
I thought it was a great thing to do on a chilly, windy afternoon - to be transported to the Emerald City and surroundings for a while. I had read the book which came first, and wondered how they would change this deep, dark story into a light hearted musical commedy....
The answer was easy: change the story line almost completely and leave out all but the bare minimum of deep and dark spots! (and be the way... you do not have my permission at any time to change the ending of stories I have grown to love!) I appreciated the original story for it's emphasis on things not being as they seem - its exposure of the ridiculousness of prejudice, the stupidity of oppression, the importance of human (and Animal with a capital A) rights, how painful it can be to trust someone and be let down, and just what is evil anyway? I had frankly never thought of the story from the perspective of the witch before I read Gregory Maguire's book.
Diversions from the original plot aside, this was a stunning stage show. The sets utilizing the clockwork were wonderful, the flying monkeys very believeable, and I've never seen so many colors of green before! The actors were superb, funny when they were supposed to be, and with such wonderful voices.
I don't go to things like this as often as I should. My husband doesn't enjoy musicals, theater, ballet, symphony, etc. Together we enjoy many other things, but not these. I hesitate to go alone, but I think I should stop making excuses and just go. Life is to short not to do the things that give you pleasure. The Clock of the Time Dragon says tick-tock!
What are you making excuses not to do?


Laume said...

Thanks for stopping by - I've been playing catch up on real life and haven't had much blogging time lately. But I hope to put up a new post finally this evening.

Meanwhile.... Wicked - I LOVED the book, LOVED the play and soundtrack (I've practically worn out my CD) It's one of those things where the two versions aren't really the same story. The book being dark and political, the play being about the transformative power of friends. I was able to see the play in SF with MY best friend and in some ways we are as opposite as Elphaba and Galinda. It might help you to know that Gregory Maguire was very pleased with play version.

Practical Magic is similar - the book is dark and gothic, the movie more upbeat - but I like both versions.

Latharia said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I, too, was a bit thrown off when I went to see Wicked, but it's good to shake things up ... and the performance was just amazing! *grin* DO go, even if it's solo ... or ask friends. Who knows? You might encourage them to try something new! :D

Faerie Mom said...

My DD would be so jealous! We are both fans of the book. My dd has the sound track and her drama class performed scenes from the play at school when she was in 6th grade. She wants to go see it sooooooo bad. Too bad it will never come to this area because I would take her in a heart beat.

Susie said...

Wicked , the book has been talked a lot on our bookclub ( and everyone thought it a much better story than the story we know and love. It's on my to be read booklist. I didn't realise there was a film.
I too have a partner who is not into concerts, theatre, ballet etc, and I shy away from going alone. Maybe I should go instead of hoping a friend will be interested.